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Ten Permeability

Premium fabric material

Unique micro-permeability technology----Small Permeability as 3.6 m3/m2/h (0.2 cfm/ft2) is available to strike a proper balance between anti-condensation and energy saving, only small percentage of airflow is permeated from fabric surface for anti-condensation, most air is discharged from precisely calculated orifice towards the targeted area in very fast pace, which reduces energy wasting at high space.

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Material Property & Product Performance Indicator/Nanosox-N series
Property Iterms Application Requirement Index Code compliance Remarks
Material property Permeation Error rate of permeation index <5% (under 125pa or at 0.5w.g) Ventilation area Non-permeable Omm/s GB/T5453-1997 National textile products quality supervision and inspection center To make sure the air dispersion performance,the permeability should be selected carefully according to the installation height,air volumn,air pressure and condensation free and energy saving
High and large space/space with fast end air velocity Micro-permeability 1,2,5mm/s
Middle or low space/space with slow end air velocity Medium-permeability 10,20,30mm/s
Low space/slow end air velocity Large-permeability 40,80,100mm/s
Fire safety B Above the ground Wash durability 50 times B-s1,d0, t0 Smoke Toxicity ZA Class1

GB 8624-2012



National fireproof construction material quality supervision and inspection center Product quality tracking;Certification of fire retardant identity in public places Wash durablitiy 50 times
A2 High-rise/basement/strict fire safety space A2-s1,d0,t0 GB 8624-2012 National fireproof construction meterial quality supervision and inspection center Formal testing
Other physical properties Clean and fiber shedding All application area No particle detachment Ac167 and UI181 UL Formal testing
Mildew resistance All application area During the 60 days UL 181 test,no microblal breakage or decomposition
Health and safety of textiles All application area PH4.0-7.5 Formaldehyde content<=20mg/kg no peculiar smell. GB18401-2003 National textile products quality supervision and inspection center  
Product Property Pressure resistance   Under the static pressure of 1900pa,no change of the sample No change Ac167 and UL 187 UL Formal test and approval

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Material Property & Product Performance Indicator/Insusox-I series
Property Items Index Resuts Code compliance
Material Property Fire safety B/S1/d0/t0 Class 1&Class0 B1(B-s2,d0,t0) GB8624-2012 EN13501-1:2007 UL 2518 BS 476-6,7:1997
Thermal conductivity 0C(average temperature),<=0.036 0.033 GB/T 17794-2008 ASTMC 177/C518-10
Moisture Permeability water vapor permeability <=1.3 X 10 -10g/(s.m.Pa) 1.0 x 10^-10 ASTME96-10
Moisture resistance factor >=1.5x10^3 2 x 10^4 ASTEM96-10
Water absorption(by volume) <=0.3% 0.17% ASTMC209-07
Product performance Pressure resistance When the pressure reaches 2000pa,the product is normal without any breakage No change AC 167 & UL 181
Air leakage volume (m^3/h.m^2) When inner static pressure is 5000pa,the leakage per unit area Qa<=3



When inner static pressure is 1000pa,the leakage per unit area Qa<=1.57
Durability Air leakage after durability test is less than 80% of the air leakage before the best 37% JG/T258-2009
Anti-condensation There is no condensation at the duct surface,flange joint,and support reinforcement Condensation free JG/T258-2009