So far Durkeesox has been widely applied in a variety of industries including public facility, commercial facility, and industrial facility.

Commercial facility Durkeesox provides customized solution to match with distinctive features of each project with remarkable advantages of aesthetic &elegant, even& comfortable, quiet, condensation free, improving indoor air quality. In commercial area, Durkeesox has numerous classic applications in shopping mall, super market, exclusive market, restaurant, and entertainment space or fitness center.

With incomparable features, even and comfortable airflow, condensation free, visual pleasing, quick installation, easy maintenance, Durkeesox has been applied in various public facilities, such as, stadium, transportation center, exhibition expo, hall &meeting center, hospital & offices.

Gifted by the unique strength of post line air apply, light weight, oil resistance, condensation free, quick installation, easy maintenance, Durkeesox fabric air duct, has been widely applied in automobile manufacturing factory, machinery plant, pharmaceutical producing plant or tobacco logistic warehouse, textile& garment plant, electronic assembly plant or data center, food factory, cold storage & refrigeration factory.

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