As a global leading A/C Ducting integrated solution provider, Durkeesox is a multi-national high-tech enterprise with a focus on providing customized fabric air duct and A/C ducting solution in HVAC/R industry. With a complete set of product series, Durkeesox offers most optimum A/C ducting solutions to present the best user experience. Public Facilities, Commercial Facilities and Industrial Facilities.

Nanosox- N Series

Made of special hi-tech inherent permanent fire resistant fabric materials, Nanosox fabric air dispersion system is a terminal air dispersion system that transfers and distributes conditioned air in the space, replacing traditional ductwork, air dampers, diffusers and insulation. See more…

IRR™(Internal Retention Ring)-N series

IRR™ system utilizes a strong, yet light weight specialty material to construct the internal support ring. It helps the soft fabric air dispersion system retain inflated look without static pressure. The system is extremely light weight, and adds very little extra installation time. The patent pending sew-in pocket See more…

URR™ (Uniform air velocity, Reducer, Retention)-N series

URR perfectly integrates uniform air velocity controlling technology with Internal retention ring system, URR system remain round and taut when deflated, absorbing all advantages of both products, It presents more stable inner air velocity, more balanced inner pressure, better visual pleasing effect, easier See more…

DiffuSox ™

DiffuSox™ is made of metal frame and highly permeable fabric, the air dispersion surface attach to the metal frame via Velcro, connecting to metal inlet via square to round fitting and detachable inlet. The design of DiffuSox™ can be customized in view of its application. See more…

UFSOX-N series/I series

UF™ system is a specialty fabric duct system that is installed underneath raised access floor space which provides an air highway to guard against thermal decay and achieve optimum air distribution. See more…

Returnsox™-N series/I series

Made of high-strength nano-alloy material, ReturnSox™ utilize exclusively-owned patented internal support frame to maintain the flexible air duct in rectangle shape and return air under negative pressure. Matching with air vents, air dampers, Returnsox™ is a replacement of traditional return air duct with cable See more…


Durkeesox A/C duct system mainly consists of Insusox system (pre-insulated air duct system) for air transmission and Nanosox system for air dispersion. Please follow the following details to acquire: How to select Nanosox,How to select Insusox,How to design Nanosox and How to design Insusox.

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